Color Artists

Conoce a nuestro equipo del Atelier Creativo de Wella y OPI. Profesionales y formadores de peluqueros a nivel nacional y entrenados en las mejores técnicas a nivel mundial de color tanto en cabello como en uñas
Leonela Terán

I am Leonela, I started in the world of esthetics more than 10 years ago, specializing in nails. In 2015 I began my adventure as a educator. I love my work and the possibility to create new styles and colors adapted to the personality of each customer.

Clara Flechoso

I am Clara Flechoso, since I was young I am passionate about the world of beauty, all my training and experience has always been oriented to this wonderful profession. I have been fortunate to live the world of fashion, meet thousands of artists and work hand in hand with the best professionals in our sector. Two years ago I discovered a new world starting to work on education with Wella. I can't be happier to be part of the #WellaFamily

Sara Pacios

I am Sara Pacios, with more than 12 years of experience, learning and training have been and are fundamental in my professional career. From Ponferrada to Barcelona and currently in Madrid I have had the opportunity to work and train with great references of the hairdresser. Create collections, make catwalks and be a former of young promises of hairdressing that developed my creativity as an educator.

Pilar Nadela

I am Pilar Nadela, educator with experienced in Spain, London, Paris and New York. I finally decided to turn my career around starting as a teacher at an academy, leaving behind years as a hairdresser and salon director. Since 2017 I have been part of Wella, where my mission is to share knowledge and technique. I'm cheerful, empathetic and with a fun point of madness putting passion into everything I do.

Jose Gómez

I am Jose and I have been working in the beauty world since I was 16. From my beginnings I always wanted to learn from the best and I have trained in hairdressing, makeup and image counseling. I am specialized in Colorimetry. Since 2010 I belong to the #WellaFamily where I discovered my true vocation: to teach, motivate and inspire...

Elena Quintana

I am Elena Quintana, I started 10 years ago in the world of hairdressing and I have been part of the #WellaFamily. I am passionate about my work and sharing all my knowledge to put my grain of sand and continue to elevate the beauty industry.

Marta Gómez

I'm Marta Gómez, although for a few years now my last name became an OPI. 12 years ago I dedicated myself to the world of nails and, after working in different brands, I am joining the #wellafamily since 2017. I currently take care of the IPO brand at the Atelier Creativo in Madrid. I consider myself a technical professional with extensive knowledge and experience in hand and foot care.

Nines Suárez

I really enjoy the company of our customers. It is a pleasure to help you and I love to share with you my knowledge and contribute to the world of beauty since the education of Wella Professionals

Neme González

With more than 30 years in the hairdressing sector I have had time to occupy different positions from managing hairdressing salons, being an educator of Wella to participating in different events nationally and internationally. Right now my responsibility is the education of Wella key customers.